Farmer's Market Musings

Real talk :

While being a part of the Farmer's Market may seem really romantic - often times the winter makes it HARD to be consistent, both as a customer and as a vendor! 

We were so lucky to have some beautiful weather last this last Saturday & lots of community support out and about.

As a vendor who chooses to do art for a living,  I wish for every market to feel financially fruitful but the reality is that isn't the case all the time. January brought a lot of rain and wind and my booth just doesn't fair well in the wind which meant having to take two Saturdays off. Hoping for a shift in February on Saturday mornings ;) 

For this artists heart, there is so much fulfillment in interactions with folks who have purchased before, conversations with my community that serve as a reminder about the uniqueness of our human experience and the ways we all choose to show up in this world. I also really love meeting other creatives and hugging sweet friends - new and old! 

"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the earrings I purchased for myself at Christmas" as she wandered on by... MY HEART BURST. 

"Did you make this ring?" "I sure did" "What kind of stone is it?" "It is turquoise" ... her eyes lit up - "My husband bought it for me and we just had our son - it is his birthstone and he didn't even know it!" 

THANK YOU to each of you, who take the time to stop by - look at my art - share kind words of encouragement & of course, those who make purchases - know that it isn't lost on me that you spend your hard earned money on my beautiful art. 

YOU, the human reading this, mean SO much to me. Your warmth makes ALL the difference on the days when life gets busy and sales are slow.


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