Let your desires shimmer in gold, darling ✨ Adding 14k offerings !

dear self, its time graphic with gold rings

The reality : every creative is human

I create stories in my head about what can happen if things don't go as planned and the perceived threat of rejection is enough to keep me stuck in a thought loop of "I want to... but... "
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I'm here to call myself out. I've had these salt and pepper diamonds since September 2022... and I've barely begun the design process.

I did seek a part-time job at a local jewelry shop @juliannesjewelry and have been learning repairs and resizing in all types of metals since Halloween! "Being in the room" and learning as much as I can while taking some of the financial strain off of my art to pay the bills while being inspired is the best. It's a powerful thing to have someone else believe in your ability to "do the thing" and say, "Come learn and work for us!"

So, it's time to get out of my own way and just play. Create. Bring them to life. ✨️

stories about working with goldreality of those stories I tell myself

Today, I rolled out my ingot into square wire... now to begin designing matching rings for my sibling and I @shinedesignscustoms 💕

rolling out gold ingot into wire!


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