Polishing your sterling silver jewelry!

The easiest way to keep your sterling silver from tarnishing.. is by wearing it ! 😂
Lets be real though - what are some things we should think about when it comes to taking care of sterling silver jewelry?
Chemicals + Jewelry = NO GO! 
Swimming + Working out + Jewelry = NO GO! 
Liquid dip tarnish remover = No, no, no!

Hand polishing = Yes! 
Avoiding contact with stones = Yes! 

Here are my two favorite options : 
    • Pro Polishing Pads ( compact option )
      These pre-treated two-inch squares effectively remove tarnish and oxidation from silver and base metal. The pads are made from tight-bond cellular foam and are permanently bonded with micro-abrasives.
    • Sunshine Polishing Cloth ( longer lasting option )
      Impregnated with special micro-abrasives and a cleansing agent, Sunshine cloth removes tarnish and grime to leave a lustrous, long-lasting finish.

Keeping your jewelry in a little plastic bag also helps to keep your sterling jewelry less exposed to the elements which causes the metal oxidize, the process that results in your jewelry looking less than shiny! 

A light touch with the polishing pads & repetitive motions is the sweet spot! Feel free to use an old toothbrush (soft, only!) with a little bit of dawn dish soap on the silver (avoid stone as much as possible) to get in the crevices and remove dirt, lotion build up, etc. 

If you purchased your jewelry from a particular creative and you're nervous about cleaning your jewelry - ask if they have a service to do so, I bet they do! (I do!) 


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