White Buffalo Moment in Time Pendant

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Description : This pendant highlights a gorgeous white buffalo stone that unfortunately became discolored upon polishing. The price of this piece is reflective of a damaged stone even if it is still beautiful! This pendant was created from scraps found in the scrap bin, bringing to life pieces of projects that didn't work the first time around. It was a really fun challenge and I love how it came out!

Information on White Buffalo from Turquoise Moose :
Also known as sacred white buffalo, this precious black and white stone is found frequently in Native American jewelry. It was first discovered in the Dry Creek Mine in Tonopah, Nevada by the Otteson family in 1993. The only place in the world where white buffalo turquoise is found is in Tonopah, Nevada. This beautiful white stone is not turquoise but rather a dolomite stone - however it is often referred to as an albino turquoise because its webbing is similar to turquoise. White buffalo turquoise is a symbol of Native American culture and is one of the rarest stones on the market. Its scarcity usually marks up the price but because it makes such beautiful jewelry, this albino turquoise is usually in high demand.

This item is sold as a pendant only. You're welcome to add a sterling silver chain to your order before checking out :)

Size/Length : This pendant is a little under 2 inches from the top of the jump rings to the bottom of the pendant and measures a little over 3/4 of an inch at its widest point

Materials : Sterling Silver, White Buffalo