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Smokey Quartz Rainbow Pendant

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Description : This beautiful smokey quartz has a beautiful brownish hue to it and is rose cut which allows the light to pass through the stone. Smoky quartz meaning signifies stability and grounding, so much so that the crystal is called the “grounding stone.” The back of the pendant is completely open so that the stone picks up your skin tone - it is also fun to use like a kaleidoscope and let it pick up colors from all around it.
Let this necklace be a reminder that there is so much magic to be found in being grounded.

This item is listed as a pendant only but we have sterling silver chains available for purchase as well. Add a sterling silver chain to your order here!

Size/Length : This pendant is three fourths of an inch at its widest point and 1 1/2 inches from the top of the jump rings to the bottom of the rainbow.

Materials : Sterling Silver, Smokey Quartz