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Mountain Pendant with Minty Green Variscite

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Description : Mountain pendants are a signature piece of Bright Side Jewelry Co. - this batch is truly unique in that each piece is has a unique shape, texture (or not!) and the minty greens of the Utah Variscite truly shine. The sun/moon rise/set is such a powerful reminder : for me, the sun is my reminder that it always rises again - and the moon reminds me that all things come and all things go, we are whole, even when we are only half lit up.

This can be purchased as a pendant only or add a sterling silver chain to your order!

Size/Length : This pendant is 1/2 of an inch at its widest point and is a little over 1 1/2 inches from the top of the jump rings to the bottom of the pendant.

Materials : Sterling Silver, Natural Utah Variscite Turquoise