Farmer's Market Musings

After 15 years of attending the the Farmers Market, it is truly an honor to be sitting on the other side of the table and offering my gifts to my community. Since my first day vending at the Farmers Market I've been recording sweet interactions I have with my community. I do this because I never want to have weeks pass by and those sweet connections fade as time carries on. I literally have pages and I've spent 18 weeks vending at the market and I wanted to share a few of them with you!

My very first customer at the farmers market was a beautiful woman who was becoming a grandmother for the first time - she walked straight up to my booth and said "That necklace, I'd love to have it! It reminds me of my daughter and my soon to be granddaughter" - it was a double domed textured necklace that had one larger than the other. The excitement in her eyes, in finding the perfect piece - and the news of being a soon to be grandma was the sweetest thing! 

The very first customer of this morning was a young man who walked right up to the display and picked up a piece of jewelry that his partner had noticed the week before. He said "She saw it last week and I want to get it for her before she arrives today" - a beautiful thing to witness young love - thoughtful love. What a beautiful thing to know my jewelry was being gifted as a surprise! 

A woman who had purchased a pair of earrings from me at Sunday market brought her family by to share my my booth with them and walked around the entire thing with them said "Take note for Christmas - I like this one. and these. and those. and these." as she went through every piece that made her smile. It made my whole heart melt! 

A fellow creative, who also creates and sells jewelry in town stopped by - said congratulations, shared a few little tips and wished me luck as she shared the next phase of her journey and what it holds right now. I love witnessing people following what lights them up. That energy is felt. 

A former coworker and her husband walked by and congratulated me - "it's more fun to see it all in person versus online" 
A young kid coming by with his mom, asking her if he could get his ears pierced - his genuine interest in jewelry made my heart swell. Here is to whatever the jewelry world will bring into that young mans world <3

A fellow vendor stopping by just to marvel at a stone she loved from the week before,  mentioning that she was wearing a pair of hoops this morning that she was going to give to a girlfriend for her birthday but ended up keeping them.... the beautiful thing is... she knows where to find more when the time comes! 

Friends/Clients of my photography business stopped by to buy earrings for their moms for Christmas - how freaking sweet is that! Community. Community. Community. 
A sweet community member who had stopped and shared their time the week before stopped by to try on a moonstone necklace that had caught her eye - " I really shouldn't but I can't help it" and let me just tell you - it was made for her, she put it on and it just looked like it had been a part of her outfit all along! 
Two women who came by last week to purchase a pair of earrings for a friends birthday and a pair for herself. She said she got to the party and her friend LOVED her earrings and totally fell in love when she opened her gift and she had her own pair to wear! They purchased two additional pairs before leaving. 
My best friend who happened to just turn ten years old stopped by to see me at the market and immediately became my assistant sharing about the wood earrings my sister makes. Too sweet to share in the experience and have her sit on the other side of the booth with me! 

Having a guest vendor neighbor on the other side of me this week had nothing but kind things to say about my booth and jewelry - having people share their reflections about my art and the way I share it - means SO much! 

Capturing some of these little interactions in writing, feels important - because these little moments are not little at all. They are confirmation to me, that I am right where I am supposed to be. I love getting to share my art with my community. There is SO much beauty in this town and being able to witness and interact with you all in this way is so magical. 

Thank you for the support,  kind reflections about my jewelry , "welcome to the market" comments and smiles.   As a 15 year attendee of the Farmers Market, it is truly an honor to be sitting on the other side of the table and offering my gifts to my community. Thank you for the time you take to stop and chat in the morning, the stories you share - I appreciate you taking the time to admire my art and say "good morning" as you pass on by. 

Here is to many, many more... 

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